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Pictured here is Bound for Freedom Historical Marker
April 24, 2018

Bound For Freedom

Inscription:  The Civil War spilled into the Rappahannock valley in the spring of 1862. While the main armies campaigned on…

Pictured here is a formal portrait of Clara Barton taken by James E. Purdy in 1904.
March 23, 2018

Clara Barton

Inscription:  “1862 – 1962 In Memory of Clara Barton Founder of the American Red Cross. A devoted nurse and tireless…

pictured here is a portrait of Captain John Smith
April 2, 2018

Contact: An Industrial Society Confronts A Native American Culture

Inscription:  “They use also long arrows tyed in a line wherewith they shoot at fish in the rivers.” —Captain John…

Pictured here is the rear view of the second town hall and the site of the first town hall and market square
March 31, 2018

First Town Hall and Market House

Inscription: On this site stood Fredericksburg’s first Town Hall / Market House built c. 1763. The building most likely had…

Pictured here is the city seal for Fredericksburg Virginia
March 25, 2018


Inscription: Captain John Smith was here in 1608; Lederer, the explorer, in 1670. In May 1671 John Buckner and Thomas…

Picture of the landscape in Hurkamp Park
April 23, 2018

From Burying Ground to Park

Inscription: In 1774, St. George’s Parish purchased the land around you for a cemetery. Following the American Revolution and disestablishment…